Our Mission

Technology is changing the world. The Digital Literacy Project believes every student deserves equitable access to the creative and intellectual opportunities that accompany this change.

We empower traditionally underserved communities through computer science education.


 DLP empowers communities to connect, create, and engage through equitable access to technical literacy. In Boston, DLP partners with public middle schools to teach a rigorous ten­week introduction to computer science. Internationally, DLP couples computer donations to low­income communities with the training and tools needed for those communities to fully leverage the power of technology to transform lives.

Our Motivation

The need to increase American students' interest in Computer Science and other STEM areas is clear. By 2018, the United States is projected to have 1.2 million job openings in STEM-related fields and 80% of jobs created in the next decade are projected to require technology skills. Meanwhile, only 16% of B.A.s granted in 2020 will be in STEM fields. Technology industry leaders point to low levels of student interest in computer scienceas a serious concern. Increasing student interest in STEM will broaden their horizons and open innumerable doors of opportunity.

Middle school computer science courses will expose students to a dynamic and engaging STEM field, helping them to understand how a long-term dedication to STEM courses can result in intellectual stimulation and exciting career opportunities. The opportunity is particularly important to female students, who are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields and who are also disproportionately likely to list a STEM class as a top factor in sparking their interest in the field.

In addition to helping students explore and develop interests in STEM careers, DLP will engage students in the intellectual and personal fulfillment that comes with mastering an entirely new skill set.