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The Digital Literacy Project teaches introductory CS classes to middle school students in Cambridge and Boston. We’ll give you training, curriculum, and support. You bring your passion for teaching and computer science. Together, we’ll inspire the next generation of technology-literate citizens.

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What’s the time commitment?

DLP teachers spend about an hour a week in the classroom. Typically you’ll use public transport to get there, but in some circumstances we can pay for a ride share. We’ll also meet once a week – always less than an hour, usually much shorter – to troubleshoot any problems you’re having, practice classroom management techniques, and go over the material for the week ahead.

What do I need to know?

If you’ve taken CS50, you know more than enough programming to teach with DLP. We’ll get you up to speed on the curriculum and classroom management strategies you need to be successful.

Will I be teaching alone?

No. DLP volunteers teach in pairs. Also, in most classrooms a teacher from the school will be present.

What will I be teaching?

We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of each classroom, but the basic gist is a two-week introduction to computer science concepts using Scratch and eight weeks of coding practice using Processing.js. (If you don’t know Processing.js but took CS50, it will be easy to learn the basics.)

Are the kids ridiculously cute?


Do your meetings have snacks?


Where can I learn more?

Email us. We’ll put you in touch with one of this semester’s teachers who can answer any questions about the process.